Couple trip

A couple eating in a cabin in the woods Belgian Ardennes

A unique stay just for the two of you

In our nowaday hectic life, the routine can sometimes take all your energy and prevents you to take time for your loved one.

During your stay at Nutchel, this is what you will find at first: time. Time to regain energy together. Time to refocus on what really matters. Time to take care of each other.

Our cosy cabins are ideal to do so, whether you are a young couple looking for a romantic getaway in nature or lifelong partners looking to revive the flame!

A game-changing experience as a couple

A couple kissing in the large bed in a Cosy Cabin
Unpluging helps to find back a common rhythm, to be in sync again.
Being far away from your day-to-day routines, brings you closer together.
Drawing and coffee picto
Sharing unique moments and memories deepens your relationship.
A back-to-basic way of life gives you space to focus on your loved one.
A couple walking in the forest

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