Earth Day 2024: our tips towards more sustainable holidays

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Earth Day 2024: our tips towards more sustainable holidays

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Although we put a lot of care and efforts into preserving the natural environment of our cabins, Earth Day 2024 acts as a reminder of how important sustainability should be in our daily lives. By incorporating the following tips into your travel plan, embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations.


A tiny house at night with limited light during a ecological holiday

Choose eco-friendly accommodations

When booking your stay, make sure to prioritize locations with a commitment to sustainability. You may find information on their actions on their website or through eco-friendly certifications. The Nutchel cabins for exemple, have a very limited ground coverage and are standing on steel polls, in addition to being constructed with raw and natural materials.


You want a chance to discover our eco-friendly cabins? Hop on our 15% discount withthe code SUNNYMAY to book your sustainable spring holiday between 13thand 23rd May.


Minimizing energy consumption

Our tiny houses are very minimalistic when it comes to saving energy. Electricity is only available in some spots in the cabin, like the bathroom and bedroom, and only for a lighting purpose. To create light, we included oil lamps and fairy lights in the cabins, and to heat the cabins up, a woodstove with all the instructions on how to make a fire. That calls for an intimate vibe, while limitating the light pollution and overspending in energy

A couple using bikes on Earth Day 2024

Offset your travel carbon footprint

Travel inevitably contributes to carbon emissions, but you can mitigate this impact by choosing to travel closer from home and take public transport to go there. And once you gave arrived at destination, you may want to go for slow mobility thanks to our rental bikes available in Alsace and in the Belgian Ardennes, or even by walking everywhere.


Pack light and smart

Packing light not only lightens your load but also reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions associated with transportation. Opt for versatile clothing items and reusable travel essentialsto minimize waste. Remember to pack a reusable water bottle, shopping bag, and utensils to reduce single-use plastic consumption during your trip. Besides, all our cabins are furnished and we offer food packages, so you won’t miss anything at Nutchel, even when travelling light!


A breakfast basket with reusable containers and no plastic

Support local businesses and communities

And speaking of food packages, one tip to embrace the spirit of sustainable tourism is by supporting local businesses and communities at your destination. Our food packages are made of locally sourced ingredients and the souvenirs available in the Honesty Shop are all crafted by local producers. We will also be happy to let you know about our local partners where you can buy the tastiest food!

Leaving No Trace

Leave the places you visit in better condition than you found them by practicing the principles of Leave No Trace. Recycling is highly encouraged in our forest villages, with 5 or more different recycling bins available at the domains. In the meantime, we have a "no more plastic" mindset as all our food are packed in reusable containers so the volume of waste is kept to a minimal.


Offset your holiday spending

15% of our revenue are used to finance our small-scale reforestation project, and booking a stay at Nutchel is therefore a good idea if you want to make sure that your impact on nature will be compensated by actions on the local environment. Remember, every small action counts towards a brighter, greener future for all, and not only during Earth Day 2024.


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