Celebrating your friendship

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Celebrating your friendship

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A new way to get together with friends

After a busy summer, it’s time to relax and enjoy the last summer moments before the start of the school and office year. And your friends are probably the best crew to do so! Read below why a stay at Nutchel is the ideal place to get back together!

Three friends taking a dip in their private hot tub

Share memories

You feel like your busy life has been keeping you away from your friends? What if you reconnected together at one of our forest villages?

For a few days, you don't have to do anything but to focus on your friends.

Living together in a cosy cabin in the middle of nature and rediscovering a back-to-basics way to live is surely a unique experience that will create shared memories that all of you will remember for your lifetime.

Enjoying spontaneity

Spending a weekend away with friends also means a lot of fun – which you can have without planning to much ahead!

Away from the crowds of the standard summer destinations and without your kids in the picture, you definitely have more room for spontaneity.

Be it countless suggestions of hikes and bike routes, to tasty food and drinks, beautiful lakes to swim in, or various outdoor games…

Discover more about the many fun things to do in or around Nutchel Alsace and Nutchel Les Ardennes !

Three friends having a picnic next to their Cosy Cabin

Keeping your expenses in check

Your budget is a bit tight after a whole summer of fun? Don’t worry!

We have different cabin types available, for all budget size, and our prices remain the same, whether you stay with 2 or 6 people. So the bigger group of friends, the better!

And with your fully-equipped kitchen, you can also cook together to make sure you are still in control of your pockets 😉  

In short, enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery and unforgettable adventures with your friends, without worrying about breaking the bank!

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