Breathing Deeply: The Benefits of Nature's Air

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Breathing Deeply: The Benefits of Nature's Air

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Upon returning to nature after a significant absence, you find yourself taking that first deep breath of fresh air, a moment that feels almost ceremonial. This action, simple yet profound, brings a wave of serenity, reconnecting you to the elemental joys of life. On average, a breath lasts about 3.3 seconds—a brief span where the air makes your lungs fresh and wakes up your body, helping your mood, heartbeat, energy, and even digestion.

A person sits on a log with her dog, near a wooden cabin with big windows in the woods. It looks peaceful, with soft sunlight.

Practice Deep Breathing

Maximize deep breathing benefits with a simple breathing exercise. This practice doesn't have to be complicated or long. All you need are a few minutes for yourself and a calm place in nature. In the park, the forest, or on the terrace of your cabin. Comfortably sit or lie down, and then:

1. Draw your elbows back slightly, expanding your chest.

2. Inhale deeply through your nose, filling your lungs.

3. Hold this breath for a count of five.

4. Gently exhale through your nose, releasing the breath slowly.

Breathe the Forest's Refreshing Air

Forests offer air quality far superior to urban areas, free from pollutants. The tranquility of the forest revitalizes your spirit. Visit the Alsace forests surrounding our forest village to enjoy this pure air.

Explore Nature's Hidden Gems

Whether it’s hiking through undiscovered trails or engaging in geocaching adventures with your family, the essence of exploration is a balm for the soul. It decreases stress and anxiety and it’s also great cardio. It’s not merely about the destination but the joy of the journey, the fresh air, and the shared laughter along the way.

No matter where you go, it’s gratifying just to know that the second you step out the door, you can reap fresh air’s rewards. Now all you have to do is head out and breathe in.

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