A romantic getaway right before the busy summer holidays

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A romantic getaway right before the busy summer holidays

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There’s nothing quite like an unplanned adventure for two, especially in early summer. Freedom is calling upon you and your loved one. What if this year, you cleared your schedule in early summer, and plan a romantic getaway before the crowds start showing up?

Need some convincing? Here are reasons why a midweek stay is much better than you think!


A pregnant couple on a babymoon romantic weekend

Finding back peace in your life, without compromising with your social life

As we are all juggling with our daily routine and imperatives, it might be difficult to take the time to be present and in the moment with the people we love the most. With summer coming, we see our agenda getting filled with weddings and other weekend events, and sometimes we forget about our need to disconnect and simply rest. Taking a midweek break in a Nutchel cabin is a way to allow yourself to take care of yourself and your partner, while also being able to attend the weekend festivities.

At Nutchel, we want to give you this opportunity with our promo code LOVESUMMER toget this well-deserved break in a cabin between 3rd June and 12 July, with a 15% discount.

Go on a well-deserved babymoon

If you are expecting parents, a pregnancy holiday is the perfect excuse to get away for a relaxing and restorative break just before the arrival of your new bundle of joy! A babymoon is the opportunity to step back and feel the refreshing magic of the great outdoors when you most need it. Lovely hikes for all levels with nobody around, just the quiet you need!

Whether you want to simply unwind andde-stress or inject a little romance before the arrival of your new baby, a midweek stay is the way to go!


A couple having a drink in their cabin during a romantic weekend

Avoiding the weekend crowds

While the best attractions are often overcrowded on weekends and holidays, there are definitely fewer people available for a visit during the week, right before the summer holiday rush. The same goes for hiking in the green forests: nature is never as beautiful as in early summer, and especially when there is nobody but your loved one around.

So if you are more of an explorer couple longing for some calm, use this time to discover the best activities in Alsace and in the Belgian Ardennes!


Take a long weekend

Adding a few extra days to your weekend opens up a world of possibilities and is a great alternative to an entire week off from work. Allow your mind some time off from work and go enjoy relaxing in front of beautiful nature. Treat yourself to a long weekend in a Cosy Cabin with your partner and you’ll return to work feeling relaxed and refreshed!


Now that you know all the relaxing benefits of a midweek stay, are you ready to treat yourself to a special getaway for two? You can book a midweek stay for 2 or 4 nights (Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday and from Monday to Friday)


*Discount valid on bookings made from 13/05/2024 at 6 pm on, with check-in after 03/06/2024 and check-out before 12/07/2024. This promo code is valid on all cabin types in both domains. This promo code cannot be cumulated with other discounts and cannot be applied retroactively.

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